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Income Statement Tile

A graphical representation of the Income Statement elements

The Income Statement tile charts the standard elements of the income statement: Revenue, COGS, Gross Margin, OpEx, Operating Income, Other Income & Expense, Net Income along Cash.

Income Statement Tile v2

To create an income statement tile, click the Actions button on the upper right of the Dashboard and choose Add New > Income Statement Tile.

Next, use the drop-down selections to choose what data will be pulled into the tile (Source, Compared To, Periodicity, and Range).  The Preview area will update as you make selections to show what the tile will look like when finished.

IS Tile 3

Below the Preview area, you can also filter the elements of the Income Statement to display All departments, a specific department, or hide the element from the tile entirely by selecting None.

IS Tile 4.1

Scroll to the bottom of the editing window and click Save to insert the new tile into your dashboard.