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Line Chart Tile

A graphical representation of data points connected in a straight line

Line charts are often utilized to display the change to a data point over time.

To create a line chart tile, click the Actions button on the upper right of the Dashboard and choose Add New > Tile.

You can also clone or repurpose an existing tile by clicking the EllipsisEllipsis on the existing tile and choosing Edit or Clone

After selecting Create New Tile or Edit for an existing tile, populate a Tile Name and then use the drop-down selections to choose what data will be pulled into the tile.  As shown in the example below, to get a cash line chart tile we've selected the "Cash on Hand" KPI from our KPI Library to show our actuals for a trailing 6 months (see: Ranges).​ The Preview area will update as you make selections to show what the tile will look like when finished.

allows you to select Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, or Total.

The Range provides the user the ability to select varying lengths of time. It determines in what month(s) your capture will land in. For example, if you have an offset of -4, this means that you will look 4 months back. Say you have a starting date of September with an offset of -4, you would be looking (back) at data from May 1 forward.

The Display option can be set up as:

  • "Subtotal", which means we are only going to chart the top line, not the children
  • "Children", which means we are only going to chart the children.

Group By can be set by "Department" or "Account".

Show Actuals Until option Determine if all actuals that have been imported should be displayed or just actuals up until the Close Month. Choose Close Month to display actuals only up until the close month or Max to display all actuals available in your account.
Learn more about "Show Actuals Until".

The Hide Zeroes option can be enabled or disabled.

Modify the Chart Color of a specific data Series directly from the Dashboard Tile.

Customize Data Labels by showing or hiding Values and Series Name.

Tile's Legend can be turned on or turned off.

Click Save to insert the new tile into your dashboard or save the changes made to an existing tile.