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Pie Chart Tile

Data represented as portions (or segments) of a whole

The pie chart tile provides a view of related data points as a portion or percentage of the total value.  All portions summed up equal 100%.

Pie Chart 1.1

To create a pie chart tile, click the Add New button on the upper right of the Dashboard and choose Add New Tile.

Numerical 2

You can also clone or repurpose an existing tile by clicking the Ellipsis Ellipsis on the existing tile and choosing Edit or Clone

Numerical 3


After selecting Create New Tile or Edit for an existing tile, populate a Tile Name and then use the drop-down selections to choose what data will be pulled into the tile.  As shown in the example below, to get an open opportunities tile, we've selected "Open Opportunities" from our custom table (see our help article on Incorporating Opportunity Data into your model) for the current year.  The Preview area will update as you make selections to show what the tile will look like when finished.

Pie Chart 2

Click Save to insert the new tile into your dashboard or save the changes made to an existing tile.