Release Notes - 2024 (Updated thru May)

Learn about newly released product features.

May 2024 

Version 24.05

Change Colors from Dashboard Tiles

  • Modify the color of a specific data series directly from the dashboard tile.

Updated In-App Onboarding Steps

  • Easily set up new accounts by completing the onboarding tasks.

Updated Users Page

Updated Assumption Settings Page

April 2024 

Version 24.04

Automatic Roll Forward

  • Enable plans to roll forward automatically to include an additional month of actuals - enable the setting from Plans > Manage Plans

Excel Workforce Template Staff List Download

  • Excel Workforce Template download is now populated with the current list of employees per the Workforce module

Balance Sheet Out of Balance Automatic Heal

  • Jirav now detects when your balance sheet is out of balance and reimports actuals to correct the out of balance automatically* for all periods previously imported 
    *Account must be set to automatically import actuals and this feature does not apply to QuickBooks Desktop or Excel integrations

Plan Row Preservation

  • Consistency in account expansion levels is maintained when switching departments within planning tables, enhancing efficiency during data input and analysis

March 2024

Version 24.03

Enhanced Plan Tables

  • Improved planning tables with a visually appealing design to facilitate smoother data input and review processes

Visual Comment Alerts

  • Receive visual alerts indicating the number of unread comments across all sections of the application - once viewed the visual alert will disappear 

Formula Bar Support for Balance Sheet and Allocation Drivers

  • Balance Sheet and Allocation Drivers are now visible in the planning tables, eliminating the need to navigate to the Drivers area to view these formulas

February 2024

Version 24.02

Auto-Forecast Enhancements (Beta)

  • Enable Auto-Forecast by Account & Department
  • Additional Forecast Methodologies for Linear Trend without Seasonality and Simple Average 

Learn more about Auto-Forecast.

PDF Report  Enhancement

  • Choose which report sections to include Footnotes on