Screen Shots in Reports

Add a screen shot into a report template

This help article walks though adding a screen shot to a report package template - this is good for times when you would like to include things such as the Accounts Receivable aging.

Step 1:  

Customize your reporting template to include a Text Page type of Element; refer to Build a Custom Reporting Package for how to do this.

Step 2: 

Take a screen shot of what you would like to include into the Report Package and save the screen shot to your computer.

Step 3:

Navigate to your report template and the text page you have added into the package, then select the image icon to bring in the screen shot.

Make sure you have selected into the editable region of the page in order for the edit menu to appear.


Step 4:

Save the changes made to the report, you have now included the screen shot for AR Aging.