Overview of Jirav System Company Settings

Let Jirav know your company settings for Cash, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Deferred Revenue

Within the Company name menu you will find "Setup" which is an area within the Jirav app that gives Administrators the ability to make changes to their Jirav system settings as well as some powerful customizations that apply to the entire financial model.

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Once you have clicked into the "Setup" you will see the following screen with a sub-menu that has the following sections:

  • Chart of Accounts + Departments - This is where you will need to map departments from you workforce import to the department within Jirav and point system accounts to your chart of accounts
  • Goals - in this section you have the ability to do a tops down budget; this is what a Jirav Lite user would leverage
  • Global Drivers - for times when you would like to create a driver that is applicable across the entire model - this is an advanced Jirav user feature
  • Custom Lines - provides the ability to add lines to the model that can then be used throughout the model 
  • Variances - for customization of how you would like reports to reflect 
  • Users - for Admins to manage user access to your Jirav account

For greater detail on each section please click the links above.