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Jirav Actuals in Setup

This article guides you through importing accounting actuals for financial results, workforce detail, and product bookings for revenue


Navigate to the left side navigation ⚙️-> Actuals


There are four main sections of "Actuals" -


Once you complete an import for any of the sections a green checkmark will appear as well as a date indicating the last successful import.


Under this section you can use you can directly connect to your respective accounting system or for systems not currently supported for auto sync you can manually import your accounting data.  Please see the following help articles for each supported system as well as for manual imports:

Within the ⚙️->Company->Accounting section you have the ability to set Jirav to automatically import each night for the last 60 days of accounting data which is the default setting.  Alternatively you have the ability to set Jirav to only import manually which means that in order to bring in any accounting actuals you would need to navigate to ⚙️->Actuals and click the import button.  



Currently Jirav manually imports your workforce information; this results in a roster within Jirav that includes Name, Title, Department, Hire Date, Annual Compensation, and Termination Date if any.  
Jirav will use the data imported to forecast the base compensation; in order to ensure that this is done correctly for each of the departments you will need to map the departments and indicate to Jirav the account for Salaries; for further details please see our help section on the Company Setup within Jirav.

Please see the following links for help articles on your specific payroll system:

Pro Tip: For historical headcount variance analysis you would want to include the terminations in order to have the headcount history


Jirav has an advanced engine that will calculate your monthly recurring revenue bookings into the forecast model using the historical sales detail.  In order to do this Jirav needs to know what products your company sells, how much the product sells for, and the billing detail.  Once you have added the products you can then upload the sales.

In order to upload the product details please see the help article "Setting Up Products in Jirav"
After completing the Products setup you can now add your actual sales. For this please see the article "Importing Your Customer Sales"

Once you have completed these steps you can go to Reports->Sales and review the detail.


This section allows for you to connect to a Google sheet for any custom data you would like to see in Jirav, for instance you can have a custom account for monthly website visitors that can then be used within Jirav drivers. You can also use and Excel sheet for this as well.

Please see the help article "Import actuals for custom lines from Google Sheets" for further instruction.