Edit Report Columns

Set up your reports to display the periods, data, and format desired

This article walks through in detail how to set up your report such that the columns are displaying the information you desire.

At the top of report templates you there are a number of buttons you have the ability to select and perform various actions within your report - please see below for detail around each button.

image-70 The ellipses… menu provides the ability to auto size the columns and rows with one click of the mouse as well as export the report that is being viewed to excel.
image-71 This button refreshes the report within the screen to update for any changes that have been made to the underlying data.  This is a time saver with respect to refreshing the entire browser window - this button is a much faster refresh and does not lose any unsaved settings you have made
Knowledge-1 This button pops up a screen that allows for you to define the specific formatting for dollars ($), percentages (%), and quantities (#)

Selecting "Edit Columns" provides the ability to set the report period using ranges, set the report columns to show months, quarters, years, or totals.

You can also select up to two sources to show in the report and indicate wether you would like the quantity and percentage variances are displayed on the report.

Editing rows in the report types executive summary and custom reports can be found in our edit rows help article