Editing Reports

Set up your reports to display the periods, data, and format desired

Reports allow you to customize your report to meet your exact needs. You can choose the time ranges, data elements, sources and format that best suits your preferences. This article contains a detailed overview of each area of customization within reports. 


  • Refresh the report on the screen to reflect any changes made to the underlying data. This is a convenient feature as it saves time compared to refreshing the entire browser window. Additionally, using this button does not erase any settings you have not yet saved. 
  • Export the report you are viewing to Excel or Google Sheet.
  • Expand and Collapse report rows in bulk.
  • Reset Row Expansion to the initial row settings.
  • Auto Size Columns to fit the data in the report. 
image-71 Make a comment at the report level 


  • Modify font style, font color and colors
  • Format decimals, display of negatives, magnitude, favorable/unfavorable variances, symbol placement and error display
  • Set the Report Range
  • Show Dates By months, quarters, years, or totals.
  • Filter by Department when applicable
  • Enable a notes column for line level notes
  • Choose up to 3 sources of data
  • Enable variance calculations (# and/or %)
  • Edit report elements in bulk
  • Configure footers for PDF exports with page numbers, text content and sources
Add a text commentary to the financial results displayed in the report.
Add tiles from the Dashboard area to the report to visually represent key data.