Present Cash Burn on a Report

Customize your Executive Summary or Custom report to present different ways of looking at cash

This article walks through the steps to adding the following metrics to an executive summary or custom type report - learn how to add these types of reports by visiting our help article on building a custom report template

  • Change in Cash
  • Operating Cash Flow
  • Investing Cash Flow
  • Financing Cash Flow

Check out our blog post on using custom lines and global drivers for different runway calculations 

Step 1:

Create a custom line group named "Change in Cash" with three custom lines for each section of the cash flow statement with a subtotal for the group - see the screen shot below.

Check out this help article on custom lines for further detail on how to create a custom line group.


Step 2:

Create the Global Drivers to output values to the custom lines that were created in Step 1.

Within the driver formula you will note that the Category selected is the KPI Library.  Jirav gives you the ability to reference a specific section of the Cash Flow Statement within the KPI Library - you can customize what section of the cash flow a balance sheet items falls to by going to ⚙️-> Cash Flow

Step 3:

Add the detail to your report; refer to our help article on setting up your executive summary on how to add this detail to your report.

Below is a screen shot of the configuration of the report:

Below is a screen shot of the report:

We can also create a dashboard tile like the one below.


The key is to select the option to display children as noted in the screen shot below.

For a detailed article on how to work with dashboard tiles please see this help article.