Jirav Interface

Understand how to navigate Jirav

Top Level Modules
Jirav is broken down into four main modules: Dashboards, Reports, Plans, and Settings - please see the screen shot below:


The Reports module is where you will find financial statements, Workforce, Sales, Goals, Custom, and Executive Summary reports. All of these can be found in the sub-menu within the module in the grey area.


Plans (Jirav Pro Only)

The Plans module is where the bottoms up forecasting takes place and includes a number of sub-modules that relate to planning.  For a more detailed review of the planning module see our the "Building your financial model with Jirav Pro" within our help center.



Settings includes the Actuals setup is where all your Accounting, Workforce, Sales, and Other actuals can be imported.  Other actuals consist of custom accounts, please see the help article "Import actuals for custom lines from Google Sheets"
Company Setup & Manage Plans


The final two sections to cover in this Jirav overview article is the plan picker and the company menu.  
Within the plan picker you can select manage plans or change the plan you are working in. This is a Jirav Pro only feature. 
The company menu is where you can setup the Jirav system settings as well as find a link to this help center as well as logout, switch company's.