Settings Overview

Overview of the Setup area of Jirav

The Setup area of Jirav can be accessed by selecting the ⚙️gear icon from the main navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

The Setup screen will default to show Actuals, select the ∨ to the right of Actuals to navigate between the Setup sections. An overview of each section is below, click on the section header to view a more in depth article on the topic. 


Integrate your GL, Workforce, Sales & Custom Actuals.


Define system wide settings to streamline planning & reporting.

Chart of Accounts

Customize the Chart of Accounts for the Income Statement & Balance Sheet.


Configure and map the Departments used for Income Statement planning & reporting.

*Not available in Jirav Starter or Jirav Lite 


Set a tops down budget for comparative analysis. 

*Typically only used in Jirav Lite

Global Drivers

Create formulas valid across all Jirav plans & actuals, typically used for KPIs. 

Custom Tables

Configure tables & lines to hold additional data outside of GL & workforce data to be used for planning and reporting. For example, operational data. 


Create key assumptions to drive the plan, for example a benefit rate per headcount or an average deal size. 


Customize how reports & dashboards reflect variances. 

Cash Flow

Customize the section of the Cash Flow that the changes in Balance Sheet accounts are reflected.


Area for Admins to manage user access & roles. 

Audit Log

Review changes made in Jirav by date, user and type of change.


Update billing information.