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Financial Actuals FAQs

Workforce Actuals FAQs


Financial Import FAQs

Integrations that automatically* update run the update one time, overnight, looking back at balances for the past 60 days. If it dates a new entry more than 60 days prior, this will cause your balance sheet in Jirav to go out of balance starting in the period the entry was posted. You can resolve this by manually importing back the period in which the balance sheet goes out of balance.

*QuickBooks Desktop and Excel imports do not run automatically - a sync can be initiated from Setup > Actuals 

  • How Do I Import my Budget from my Accounting System?

Budgets cannot be imported to Jirav. In Jirav, only actuals can be imported, whether that is in your financials, staffing, or custom table data. All forecasted items must be built into the planning feature in Jirav.

If you have an existing budget you'd like to populate in Jirav, it can be entered into the planning tables via copy and paste from any .csv compatible spreadsheet, such as Excel or Google Sheets. To paste into Jirav, you must use your hotkeys, such as Ctrl + V.

You can copy and paste entire rows into the planning tables by copying the row from your spreadsheet and clicking into the first cell in that row you wish to start the data from, then using your hotkeys to paste.


Staffing/Workforce Actuals FAQs

    • Where Do I Find the Excel Import Template for Workforce?
      • It is in Settings > Actuals. In the Workforce section, the link to the template is on the Excel Icon box. 
    • Why Do I Need to Include Employee Emails in the Excel Template?
      • The email column is actually for an employee ID. Give each employee a unique identifier in this column. You can use email, numbers, letters, or a combination of numbers and letters.
    • Why do my Imported Staff Show Up as Unassigned Instead of In Their Department?
      • If your account does not support Departments, all staff will be listed as unassigned.
      • If you have imported staff for the first time, or if you have added a new department to your import, you will need to setup your Departments for Workforce.
    • Why are Staff I Have Imported not Showing up in Salary or Headcount?
      • If the staff member is showing in the Staff table, but not included in the Headcount or Salary table. First, check if you have filtered to a department the staff member is not assigned to.
      • If the staff member shows in grey and italics, this staff member has a hire date that is in a forecast period and just like all other actual data, will be suppressed until their hire date. To include this hire in your plan, clone the employee to a planned hire.
    • I've Imported my Staff but System Salary is Zero in my Planning Table.
    • How Do I Setup Wages if I have Multiple Wage Accounts or a Wage Account in COGS?
    • How Does the Workforce Data Affect Actual Periods?
      • In actual periods, the information from your financial system will be used for wages. However, you will be able to use the headcount and salary information from the staffing tables for both the KPI Library and custom KPIs in your dashboards and reporting, as well as in driver calculations for planning and reporting.
    • I Imported a New Hire and their Salary is doubled.
      • If you had a planned hire for this role, Jirav cannot match up your new hires to planned hires. You will need to manually remove the planned hire once the position is filled and the employee has started. This step is included in our Month End Checklist.
    • How do I Change the Name / Role / Salary of an Imported Employee?
      • Imported staff can only have their details updated via the import. If you are using a payroll integration, the staff will reflect exactly how they are included in your payroll system. If you use the Excel import, you will need to make the change in the template and then re-import. The only change you can make to imported staff directly in the planning table is to add a planned termination date.
    • Hourly Staff are not Calculating to Correct Monthly/Annual Totals
      • Hours for calculating hourly staff are set in Setup > Company Settings. The default is 40 hours per week. The calculation is (Hourly Wage * Annual Hours set by the Weekly Hours input) / 12 periods.
    • How do I Setup a Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule?

    Jirav's System Salary Projection does not Account for Bi-Weekly Payroll Adjustments. If this is materially important to your cashflow, this can be accomplished by utilizing drivers in your planning tables. We find that for most companies, this is not material and adds unnecessary complexity to the model.